Earth Legacy Agriculture BD Workdays in 2020

ELA is announcing the following workdays for calendar year 2020, focused on making the following biodynamic agricultural preparations:

Location: Earth Legacy Agriculture, 708 Bob White Rd, Woolwine, Va 24815

Saturday, May 30–from 9am to 5pm
Making Stinging Nettle Preparation (BD#504), Horsetail (Equisetum arvense — BD #508) and excavating Horn Manure (BD #500x

Saturday June 20 — 9:00am to 5:00pm
Making the Yarrow Preparation (BD #502) and the Horn Silica Preparation (BD#501)

Saturday, October 10 — 9:00am to 5:00pm
Making the Dandelion Preparation (BD #506) and the Chamomile Preparation (BD #503)

Saturday, November 7 — 9:00am to 5:00pm
Making the Oak Bark Preparation (BD #505)

There is no fee for any of these workdays, but reservations are required. Contact Hugh J. Courtney at 276-930-9536 (cell phone) at least ten days prior to date of attendance. A lunch will be served.

Anyone seeking to gain a deeper connection to the art of making the biodynamic preparations may wish to attend a few days before or after any of the above dates, to spend time with a master, Hugh J. Courtney. Please contact him at 276-229-9536 to discuss possibilities.

Email:  or grow@earthlegacyagriculture

Hugh Courtney: Biodynamic 2019 Fall Practicum

Hands on workshop making the 9 Biodynamic Preparations
October 29 – November 3, 2019
Earth Legacy Agriculture, 708 Bob White Rd, Woolwine, Va 24815

Premier preparation maker, Hugh Courtney will take participants through the process for making all nine of the biodynamic preparations. Participants learn how to distinguish good preparations and how & when  to stir and apply them. Lectures and discussions include where and how to obtain materials, use of the biodynamic calendar, additional ways to use the preparations, Homeopathy for the Family Farm, and BD Compost Making.

This workshop is limited to 15 participants, so register early.

Presenters: Hugh Courtney, Dr. Elisabeth Courtney, Troy Teets, Rand Carter, Lauri Wilson (Pending Stewart Lundy, Jaime Fochuk, Florence Rewinski)

The Practicum starts at 9 AM Tuesday, October 29 and ends at 5 PM Sunday, November 3.

$600 includes meals and modest lodging or camping on site. Register by October 1 with 50% deposit.

Scholarships Available

The generosity of an anonymous donor has made possible partial to full tuition scholarship assistance to farmers and gardeners seeking to expand their biodynamic practices. Tuition scholarships up to $150 for the June 22-23 workshop and up to $600 for the October 29-November 3 practicum are available.

Especially welcome to apply are experienced and new practitioners who will use knowledge gained to begin or improve preparation-making in their home communities.

Application information is available by contacting the ELA scholarship committee: or 757-378-2687; or Lauri Wilson at

The Biodynamic Association Scholarship Fund is another possible funding source: