Price List

Why Our Subscriptions or Grower Support Plans?

Although we encourage growers to make their own Biodynamic Preparations, we know that this is no small task. The making of Biodynamic Preparations is a labor-intensive, seasonal job, and requires a considerable amount of resources and careful planning. Some of our preparations take more than a year to make! The bulk of our manufacturing and administrative work is completed in the fall and winter months and we try to spend the warm season farming. This approach allows us to keep overhead to a bare minimum and allow customers a very competitive cost for services and saves us from being tied to a desk. This same idea applies to the ‘minimum’ order. If this can’t work for you, contact us and we will try to accommodate you or at least connect you with someone who can better help you.

Grower Support Plans

Annual subscriptions include Biodynamic Preparations, Consultation Services, Educational Materials and Free Shipping. The suggested order, our “Basic Growers Plan”, costs $250 and contains enough materials for thorough treatment of up to 5 acres of land. If you are a compost manufacturer or have any other needs simply contact us for more information.

Biodynamic Preparations

BD #500, Horn Manure – $7.00
  Prepared, #500(p) – $7.00
  Pre-Potentized, #500(x) – $7.00

Barrel Compost, Thun Recipe – $7.00

Horn Silica, BD #501 – $2.50
  Feldspar, #501(f) – $2.50
  Gold Potentized, #501(g) – $3.00
Gold and Silver Potentized, #501(sg) – $3.00
  5th Potency, #501(5x) – $3.00
BD #502, Yarrow Preparation – $3.00
BD #503, Chamomile Preparation – $3.00
BD #504, Stinging Nettle Preparation – $3.00
BD #505, Oak Bark Preparation – $3.00
BD #506, Dandelion Preparation – $3.00
BD #507, Valerian Preparation – $3.00
BD #508, Horsetail Herb Preparation – $5.00

Microbial Activators

Field Activator – $20.00
Compost Activator – $10.00

Other Preparations

Weed and Pest Harmonics  (Pest Peppers)– $2.00
(Minimum order 20 units)
Three Kings Preparation Kit – $50.00
Tree Energizer Kit – $30.00
Field Energizer Kit
1-10 Acres – $100.00
10-100 Acres – $150.00
100* Acres – $200.00


“Feed the Soil Life” Tee Shirts – $20.00
“What is Biodynamics?” Book – $20.00